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Spokane Yoga Student Comments

Below are some comments from Jackie Kittel’s students and associates.

“If you are interested in yoga I highly recommend Jackie. She is a wonderful teacher and person. Jackie excels at helping beginners and those with health issues or limitations. I have gained a wealth of information and help from her. She has helped me with my practice to the point that I no longer have trouble sleeping due to shoulder pain. I think we are very blessed to have a certified Iyengar Instructor in Spokane.”

Joan Haney, student

“Yoga students can be assured that as a certified Iyengar yoga instructor, Jackie Kittel is an experienced and knowledgeable yoga teacher. As an occupational therapist, Jackie uses her medical training to help students safely integrate yoga practice into their lives through a process that is consistent with evidence-based medical treatment and the Iyengar tradition. Jackie Kittel is a valued member of our WSU Spokane research group, which focuses on Iyengar yoga as an integrative medical intervention for improving immune function and quality of life of breast cancer survivors in our community. We could not have conducted our research these last many years without Jackie’s leadership in offering Iyengar yoga to the women in our studies.”

Sally E. Blank, Ph.D.
ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist
Associate Professor, Program in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
Washington State University Spokane
Mel Haberman, Ph.D., RN, FAAN
Professor, College of Nursing
Washington State University Spokane

"Jackie is absolutely the best yoga teacher I have ever had.  She is aware of each student's personal needs.  Jackie is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of yoga and shares her knowledge in a warm and welcoming manner.  Her classes are very personal.  Jackie's Iyengar training is extensive and it shows in the way she gently directs each student to recognize what they need and then helps them to achieve that goal.  I have been practicing yoga since 1974.  I am a Registered Teacher with Yoga Alliance.  I am a breast cancer survivor of over 11 years.  Jackie is the best thing that has happened to me as far as yoga goes.  Everyone would be better off if they could experience time with her.  Namaste......

                                                                                                                                         Anne Miller, yoga student

“I was first drawn to Jackie as a Yoga teacher because her attention to details helped me make more sense of the poses. I think it has been eight years now that I have continued as her student. She creates a quiet, contemplative, supportive atmosphere in the classroom. Her attentive eye is always on the students, ensuring their well being and helping each one make modifications to suit his or her particular needs. Yoga under Jackie’s instruction has helped reduce pain and stress in my body, and over the years I’ve continued to gain strength and maintain flexibility. The Yoga principles that Jackie imparts also have a positive influence in my everyday life.”

Mary Rupert, yoga student

"As a former educator and teacher trainer, it has been a delight for me to be in Jackie Kittel's yoga classes over the past several years. Jackie is a shining example of excellent instructional skills.  She carefully models the essential pieces of each pose she is teaching while pairing clear, auditory directions with her precise, visual step-by-step body positions. As students work to duplicate her models, she thoughtfully monitors ALL class members, helping each make necessary adjustments that match his/her individual needs, requirements and ability levels. Her manner provides encouragement, offers care and fosters a desire to do your best, while at the same time, practicing a "loving kindness" toward yourself—your body and your mind. I have  never left one of Jackie's classes without feeling better in mind and body and without appreciating how fortunate I am to be on the receiving end of her thorough preparation, sound instruction, genuine love for what she does and her thoughtful care for each of her students."

Mary Haugen, student


"I started taking classes from Jackie in March of 2008 and what I found in her classes has kept me practicing consistently for the last two and a half years.  Jackie has a gentle spirit and serenity that transcends her classes. Her instruction is easy to follow and she gives each student individual attention with each pose. Her students receive so many benefits from practice because of the way she prepares us for class and the precise way in which she teaches the poses. Not only have I gained strength and flexibility, but I leave Jackie's classes with renewed energy, self confidence, inner calmness and a clear mind. Through this experience, I am convinced that everyone should practice yoga and if possible with Jackie!"

Terry Waterson, student