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As a teen, I biked to yoga classes over the hills of Pittsburgh, PA. Later after becoming a high school teacher, I took up yoga again to help with stress. Yoga grew from a therapeutic endeavor to relieve back pain into a practice cultivating fullness, stability, and appreciation. In 1999 I started teaching yoga in the Berkshires, and in 2002 gave up teaching public school to go into it full time. I have been supported to grow by many teachers, including the Iyengar yoga and Buddhist meditation communities. Currently I focus on my training as a student and teacher of Anusara yoga, studying several times a year with John Friend. Not least among my teachers is my horse Chandler, a lanky bay ex-racehorse, who lets me know by his floppy relaxed ears and round full back when we are in the zone.
- Natasha Judson, M.Ed., RYT, Affiliated Anusara Yoga instructor

A profile of Natasha appeared in the The Cambridge Buzz, Sept 2006.